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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Us

After Pure Maids has finished cleaning your home, you will breathe easier because we gave your house a thorough, healthy cleaning from top to bottom. Our maids are trained to systematically complete every task in our 56-step system so you can rest assured your home has been cleaned in detail with 100% natural cleaning products.

How is Pure Maids different from other cleaning services?

We use only our own 100% all natural cleaners made from ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, organic essential oils, just to name a few. Our products combined with trained and motivated maids can lift dirt and germs without any toxic or harmful chemicals.

Learn more about our 56-Step Deep Cleaning System. Pure Maids also offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all eco-friendly cleaning services. Read more about the Pure Maids difference in Why Choose Us.

Where can I book your eco-friendly cleaning service?

Pure Maids cleans homes in: SE Calgary, SW Calgary, Okotoks and High River.

Contact us by phone at 403-463-7590 or get an instant estimate online.

How do you charge for your services?

Rates vary based on, frequency of service and type of cleaning you require.

How much will a natural cleaning cost?

To get a real time estimate simply go to our quote page, enter your postal code online and fill out a few details of your home, to receive a customized quotation for a cleaning service.

Who supplies the cleaning products, Pure Maids or me?

Pure Maids arrives at your home fully equipped to green clean your home. Each morning we provide our maids, with non-toxic cleaning products and state-of-the-art vacuums to ensure your home always sparkles the Pure Maids way.

How dependable is Pure Maids staff?

Not only are Pure Maids employees dependable, trustworthy and professional but every member is bonded, insured, and thoroughly trained. They enjoy great working conditions, share the Pure Maids value of superior customer service and take pleasure in a job well done.

Will the same maid clean my home each time?

We will do our best to ensure the same cleaner, returns to your home each time. The more familiar the maid is with your home, the better they can make it sparkle and shine.

How often can you clean my home?

As often as you like! Natural cleaning appointments can be one-time or according to a schedule to suit your requirements. The most popular cleaning frequencies are weekly, bi-weekly or monthly appointments.

Do you offer a guarantee with your service?

We absolutely guarantee our cleaning with 100% satisfaction and promise your home will be sparkling clean and fresh. If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact Pure Maids within 24 hours of your service and we will re-clean your home at no extra charge.

Are your products safe for use around pets?

Yes, they are! All our products are 100% Natural therefore they contain no toxic ingredients and are safe for use around pets. You can read more about our natural cleaning products here.

Schedule a house cleaning with us and you will love coming back to a sparkling clean home that smells naturally fresh!

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