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Pure Maids online quote will provide you with an estimated cost of cleaning, based on the square footage and the room count of your home. Alternatively we can meet you in person for a free in-home consultation. Our cleaning can also be customized, to meet your particular needs and budget.  You only pay for the time that Pure Maids spends cleaning your home.

If the quote is to your satisfaction, please proceed to fill in your contact details. After receiving your request, we will contact you within 4 business hours to confirm your booking. At this time we will require your credit card info to authorize your initial cleaning charge. You card will be charged at the end of your cleaning day.

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When booking a new regular cleaning service, please initially select a quote for initial cleaning then select regular cleaning for services afterwards.

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If you are experiencing issues during the estimate, please contact us.

Cleaning Time

We charge based on the hours that our maid(s) spend in your home.

Time of maids’ stay in your home multiplied by the number of maids gives the TOTAL billable hours.

We arrive fully equipped with natural cleaning supplies, microfiber cloths and Hepa-filter vacuums.

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Arrival Times

Our schedules are finalized one business day in advance. Pure Maids will arrive within the time frame selected. We will provide you a specific two hour arrival window one business day prior to your appointment.


We will contact you to confirm and schedule your cleaning appointment within 4 business hours.

Pure Maids requires a credit card on file to complete your booking. Your card will be pre-authorized before your cleaning appointment and charged at the end of the day.

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