Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning

A Systematic Deep Cleaning Service

Spring Cleaning


Time to open the windows and get that stagnant winter air out of our homes. The onset of spring also signals time for the annual deep cleaning of our homes. Those hidden dark spots of our home collecting dust and grime throughout winter are now shining with light and begging to be cleaned.

With our own 100% natural cleaning products you can rest assured that every nook and cranny in your home gets the attention it needs.

56-Step Deep Cleaning System


  1. Vacuum floor and area rugs
  2. Cupboards fronts cleaned
  3. Counter tops and shelves dusted and/or wiped
  4. Sinks and back splash washed
  5. Load dish washer (when empty)
  6. Appliance exteriors cleaned (stove top, oven, fridge, microwave, dishwasher)
  7. Small appliances cleaned (coffee maker, microwave, toaster)
  8. All surfaces damp wiped
  9. Window sills wiped
  10. Base boards cleaned
  11. Wipe out waste basket
  12. Door knobs, frames and doors wiped
  13. Light switches cleaned
  14. Tables and chairs cleaned
  15. Clean window over sink
  16. Empty trash
  17. Wash floor


  1. Vacuum floor and area rugs
  2. Mirrors/Glass polished
  3. Dust light fixtures (within reach)
  4. Cupboard fronts wiped
  5. Clean, scrub and sanitize all showers, tubs and toilets
  6. Clean and sanitize vanities, sinks, counter tops and shelves
  7. All surfaces damp wiped
  8. Window sills wiped
  9. Base boards cleaned
  10. Door knobs, frames and doors wiped
  11. Light switches cleaned
  12. Empty trash
  13. Fold towels
  14. Wash floor


  1. Damp cloth dusting
  2. Mirrors polished
  3. Window sills wiped
  4. Base boards cleaned
  5. Door knobs, frames and doors wiped
  6. Light switches cleaned
  7. Empty trash
  8. Vacuum carpet, under beds, wash hardwood floor

Other Rooms:

  1. Cobwebs removed
  2. Damp cloth dusting on surfaces
  3. Dust knick nacks
  4. Carpet and area rugs vacuumed
  5. Hard surface floors vacuumed and washed
  6. Stairs vacuumed
  7. Spotwash walls
  8. Upholstered furniture vacuumed/Under seat cushions
  9. Fold blankets/Straighten pillows
  10. Glass tables cleaned
  11. Light tidy up
  12. Mirrors polished
  13. Window sills wiped
  14. Base boards cleaned
  15. Door knobs, frames and doors wiped
  16. Light switches cleaned
  17. Empty trash

Schedule a house cleaning with us and you will love coming back to a sparkling clean home that smells naturally fresh!

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